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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dj Anita (First black female dj in Ukraine)

Dj Anita born EZEBALIKE ANITA ETUNWO may have African roots but is currently rocking Ukraine with her funky beats.
Anita was born in nigeria and grew up with intense love for music ranging from local to international artists.

With a passion for music and a determination to succeed Anita
went professional in 2006 in Portharcourt Nigeria.
Not content with just rocking Africa with her unique style, Anita went on to Ukraine and is currently the FIRST BLACK FEMALE DJ in Ukrine. This achievement in itself is both impressive and remarkable!

"Im currently the first black female dj in ukraine playing at various occasions
keeping the party hot and the dance floor on fire" says Anita

Anita has
a couple of mixtapes ranging from pop,hip-hop, R&B, Techno and Afrobeat.

Since her debut Anita has over the years been hosted by top entertainment
industries in the Ukraine such as G's groove entertainment, Much Money Entertainment,top notch entertainment,Tropikana-Africana and JF and Chosen Ent.

For Dj Anita the sky is just a starting point. Some of her icons in teh industry include: Dj Jimmy Jatt (Nigeria), Dj Neptune( Nigeria), Dj Jamjam(UK) and Dj Jam Master Jay (RIP) - USA.

its Dj Anita bringing out the soul in music and you best believe it will capture you!

TWITTER: @itsDeeJayAnita

DJ Anita (1st Black Female DJ in Ukraine)

Dj Amely - Ukraine

House and R&B may be two genres worlds apart but DJ Amely is a master of both disciplines.
Dj Amely is one of the most bright female representatives of the HOUSE and R&B culture in Ukraine.The beautiful Djane with killer technical skills has racked up an impressive list of venues to her venue play-list!
In June 2009 Amely was recognized by Muzlife TV Awards when she was nominated in the category "best young R&B dj of Ukraine"

Now Dj Amely is one of the best rnb-pop-mesh up dj's in Ukraine securing and headlining some prestigious events.

When you hear this siren on the decks expect audio bliss as her sets include Pop-Electro/House and R&B hits.

With her impressive skills and bubbly personality its no wonder that Amely was secured the resident dj spot at some of the best night clubs such as: Sensation (DUBAI,OAE), Sapphire (Istanbul,Turkey) Arena Club (KIEV, UA), Patipa, RnB Café, KING project to name a few!

Amely currently has 3 mixtapes in R&B, Pop and House style.

HOUSE MIX CLUB SESSION 2011: http://snd.sc/gqezEH
RNB MIX DOUBLE SHAKE 2011 http://snd.sc/h1T9Eu
POP MIX DON’T STOP THIS PARTY 2010 http://snd.sc/gZcbE1

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AMELYDJ

Saturday, May 21, 2011

DJ Mico - Damansara, Malaysia

Hard work and determination are the two key principals that pushed Dj Mico to the top of the industry where she has rightfully claimed her spot. Mico started her djing career in 2009 with RnB being her first chosen genre music. Getting the basics right, Mico worked hard and saved up enough money to buy her very own equipment. With the correct gear at her disposal, Mico was able to put in the long hours and practice everyday, sharpening her skills.

During her early days, she was still not confident to enter into clubs and nightspots as a dj because of her limited experience. In an industry where there are still so few female djs, especially in Malaysia, Mico found it difficult getting her foot in. But this did not despond this young djette! Her continued perseverance and determination eventually was noticed by club owners / managers who heard her auditioning for dj jobs all around in 2009. It was then that Dj Mico got to play her first show as a guest dj in a club.

Not long after her debut Mico was soon booked near far headlining some prestigious events.Dj Mico has played in Poppy-KL, Rum Jungle-KL, Sangria Island-KL, OverTime-KL, Luna Bar-KL, Reggae Bar-KL, Bakita-KL, The Palace-KL, Gosh-KL, Zeta Bar-Hilton KL, BarCelona-Sunway, Bambo9-TTDI, Muse-Jaya One, Hex-PJ Trade Centre, Soroptimist International Charity Event and even done outstation events in Genting and many other places.

Mico is fortunate enough have a career that supports her passion - music. Besides djing, DjMico also work as full-time Audio Engineer in local company providing music for retail outlets, hotels and shopping malls.

The Malyasian music scene has an impressive addition to its line-up now that Mico is around!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dj Smitz - Mauritius/India

A self-made success icon frequently embossed on "Page 3" of various magazines, DJ Smitz aka Smitee Luximon, is a real life success story of model turned dj superstar!
This 22-year-old queen of the decks and communication design graduate has worked hard to settle in her throne over the years.
Born in Mauritius and with a successful reputation in both India and Mauritius Dj Smitz has earned her fan following one beat at a time!
This queen has raked up many achievements including the coveted 2007 title of Number 1 Female DJ in Mauritius.
Her signature sets have earned her wide acclaim allowing her to travel and become quite a media darling! She has been featured in Bombay Times, Pune Times and Entertainment Unlimted.
Dj Smitz has also performed live on Radio Mirchi (Mumbai) proving her skills are not just devoured in clubs at night!
So what is this sound that captivated so many?
Dj Smitz describes her sound as funky tech, minimal house, commercial house, techno and even hip-hop! And she is still discovering new sounds!!
Adding the accolade "producer" to her talents, Smitz has released her original track - Island - as well! The royal dj has earned the street cred one would expect a dj 20-years into this industry would receive - and she is just getting started. This queen has claimed her throne and is ready to serve her party people nothing but the best!

Live Performances Visuals:
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[1] Dj SMitZ Commercial Beats Extent 3:

[2] Dj SMitZ Live Proggy set Extent 5:

[3] Dj SMitZ Live Proggy set Extent 6:

[4] Dj SMitZ Live Desi Extent 7:

[5] Dj SmitZ Live Proggy Extent 8:

[6] Dj SmitZ Live COmmercial House Extent 9:



Dj Mel - Sydney's finest!

Australia's female dj scene is growing at a rapid pace with some of the best producers, singers and dj's hailing from down under! Contributing to this successful growth is a talented Australian female dj - Mel.
Entering the clubbing scene just under a year ago Mel has already taken the industry by storm - all this at just 20-years-old! Expect a diverse music taste ranging from funky and old school, to the latest commercial and electro dance tracks. Dj Mel is sure to keep the dancefloor vibrant, with heads turning and feet moving, she spins to energetic sounds filled with vocals.

Mel-ting pot of talent!

Little Miss Patty at Keane Kids began her career, as a singer. Being presented with a prestigious award from the age of 6, which had given her the encouragement to pursue in music. She was also apart of Keane Kids elite performing group, Dance World 301 (Melbourne) and Dance Factory (Melbourne), Australian Girls Choir and David Jaanz School of Singing which provided her with live venue experience at shopping centres, football stadiums and concerts. A culmination of these experiences moulded Dj Mel who she has become today, an all-round performer.

Mel was also a leading promoter in some of the biggest underage events (Seduce U18s & Cheeky U18s), as well as running her own successful underage event with all proceeds going to charity. Dj Mel is currently studying commerce at university and majoring in marketing, and is developing this passion with now developing her own promotional team.

With only a few months of touching the decks, she landed a residency to the Beatcorporation Team playing at Home Nightclub, Pontoon/ Wallaby Bar and Greenwood Hotel. To date she has been djing in over 15 of the finest clubs in Sydney including some of Sydney's biggest events, Mykonos Festival at Home Nightclub which had a staggering 2500 + people.

Where Dj Mel has touched the crowds:
Home Nightclub, Darling Harbour
Pontoon/ Wallaby Bar, Darling Harbour
Greenwood Hotel, North Sydney
Helm Bar, Darling Harbour
The Bank Nightclub, Kings Cross
The Lincoln, Kings Cross
Sapphire Lounge, Kings Cross
The Rouge, Kings Cross
Shelbourne Hotel
Lewisham Hotel
Scary Canary
Bar 202, Broadway
Mykonos Bar, Parramatta
E11even Nightclub, Paddington
SummerJam Festival, Melbourne

Email: miss.cyprus@hotmail.com

Website: http://dj-mel.com.au/


Facebook: www.facebook.com/miss.cyprus

MySpace: www.myspace.com/deejay-mel

Twitter: @deejaymel

Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/djmel

Tumblr: deejaymel.tumblr.com/

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dj Erny - Bali

The tropical paradise of Bali may hold host to beautiful beaches and make for the perfect getaway for a island fantasy however this Isle of Gods (Bali) all host something special. Rightfully claiming the title of of the first few female djs on this paradise island, Erny has mystified and enthralled clubgoers with her eclectic mix of house, tribal, electro, funky and tech house.

Clocking up over 2300 nights Erny has captured Bali's club scene in Kuta for some time. Not contant with being locked into her comfort zone, Erny has spread her musical wings throughout Asia and North America. 2010 has been kind to this exotic beauty with requests to play from as far afield as Africa, Middle East and Europe are pouring in.

Music has always been a part of Erny’s life … from her early days break-dancing with school friends in Kupang to her days at university in Bali. Though educated in tourism, her free time continued to revolve around music. Upon completing school, Erny honed her technical skills in the young Bali club scene.

Erny’s unique skill-set has allowed her to keep guests at the club for hours-on-end through an energizing set of the best club music. The energy Erny radiates, plus her ability to read the guest’s mood and desires, combine to keep the dance floor bursting at the seams.

Erny has brought her talents to a wide spectrum of communities … from the emerging markets of Myanmar and Cambodia to the thriving night scene of Hong Kong, Bali, Bangkok and USA. She was the first DJ behind the decks at Maccaroni Club and ViAiPi in Bali, and the first female DJ at Pyramid Mega Club (Cambodia), S Nightclub (Michigan USA) and others.

It started as just a small dream to which has taken Erny all across the globe - her musical ambitions have set her sail on a course of excitement and adventure. World watch out - Dj Erny is here!

Website: www.djerny.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DJERNY

Twitter: www.twitter.com/DJ_ERNY

YouTube: www.youtube.com/ERNYDJ

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dj Vanilla - Australia

While most of us may have excelled at sports or maths at school, Dj Vanilla was one of the few gifted ones who could lay claim to being a music fundi. Having studied music at high school and learning to play bass guitar this eventually lead her to perfecting the art of reading sheet music. With an stint in a high school band, Vanilla was able to use her bass guitar skills to good use!
Fast forward a few years and after high school Vanilla was ready to tackle the real world.
With the up-beat party scene in Melbourne and the Gold Coast, Vanilla was soon immersed in the music scene, often requesting track from Dj at these poopular clubs. Its during these early years at the helm of theparty scene that Vanilla discovered yet another passion - Djing.
Although she is still up and coming in the DJ scene, Vanilla has managed to achieve residencies and guest appearances at some of Adelaide’s hottest night spots including Hq, Cargo, Earth nightclub, S-Bar, PJ Obriens, Live, The Duke, Mansions, The Grand Bar, SAVVY Bar Lounge, Mojo West, Club 58, The Sand Bar and The Exchange Hotel. She also performed at both hq and the Heaven on Earth new years eve festival held in Adelaide which welcomed 2010.

Honouring a trait she picked up in high school, Vanilla once again honed her creative talents while studying. While reading for a Bachelor of Media at Adelaide University, Vanilla, using her creative flare, is now focusing strongly on producing and making her own sound and remixes. She aims to create music that makes you feel good and want to ‘get up and dance’.

Vanilla as a DJ has the ability to read a crowd and play music to get everybody in the right mood. She loves to entertain and brings an amazing and hypnotizing party vibe.
So if you want to be spell bound with mysticism, enchanting beats, groovy bass lines and a dash of vanilla, make sure you head on down to one of Dj Vanilla's latest gigs.

Current Residencies:

Thursday night
S-Bar Marion shopping complex
Ladies Night

Saturday night
SOHO Sessions



Thursday, August 12, 2010

DJ Melody Kane - UK

Speak to most successful musicians about their early beginnings and you will undoubtedly find out that their love for music probably started before they could even speak! Melody Kane is no exception. This feisty talented mixstress has dominated the music scene in the UK fulfilling her passion of music with every beat.

One touch on the turn tables and Melody was hooked knowing that this was her future and her life! With the support and dedication of her friends who noticed her remarkable talent, Melody has the encouragement to pursue the industry unleashing her sounds throughout the country.
After a couple of years playing early warm ups & late cool downs, she landed herself a residency in one of her home town's (Brighton) longest running club night. Her enthusiasm for spinning is only matched by her mixing skills & track selection, and within weeks of her debut she was being booked for events throughout the city.
As luck would have its way Melody was soon able to expand her music knowledge to the airwaves with her affiliation to Radio Reverb.
Melody landed her first radio slot in Brighton, where she co-hosted a weekly Thursday night show on Radio Reverb 97.2FM. Due to the show's rise in popularity it was moved to prime-time Saturday night, where it stayed for 2 years. Melody can now be heard throughout London on Deja Vu 92.4FM (www.vulive.co.uk) & on Brighton's Upfront Dance 99.1FM (www.upfrontdance.net)
As well as regular performances throughout London & the South, 2008 saw the launch of Melody’s international career, with guest appearances in Europe, U.S.A (where she was inaugurated into one of the worlds largest international DJ crews ‘The BumSquad DJZ ‘, becoming their first UK female DJ) & Asia

So what sets Melody apart from the rest? Firstly her music- expect a melodic blend of beats from hip-hop and Rnb to dance-hall rhythms. Secondly she spins on vinyl which is proof enough of her excellent mixing abilities. To add that zesty touch Melody uses the mic to hype the crowd. 2010 promises to be a big year for Melody so make sure you are in the know!

Check out DJ Melody Kane live on air every Monday 3-6pm on Upfront Dance, Brighton 99.1FM (www.upfrontdance.net) & every Wednesday Afternoon 2-4pm on London's Dejavu 92.4FM (www.vulive.co.uk)

DJ Melody Kane DeJaVu Profile

DJ Melody Kane Facebook Group

DJ Melody Kane You Tube

DJ Melody Kane MySpace

DJ Melody Kane Mixtapes

Urban Chic Radio Show Podcasts

DJ Melody Kane Twitter

Bumsquad DJ'z Website

DJ Melody Kane Reverbnation

Urban Chic Website

Urban Chic Facebook Group

Urban Chic MySpace

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dj A.K - Australia

Australia has produced some fine musical talent over the years, legends over time, if you will. But with each generation comes an artist whose skills, drive and ambition coupled make for one massive mark on the industry. This season not only can Australia boast a femme fatal on the decks but this young dynamic dj is tackling the industry with a force so strong it will blow you away.

Background on Dj A.K:

"There is two kinds of music, the good and bad. I play the good kind.” These words as spoken by Louis Armstrong couldn’t apply more to DJ A.K when speaking of her ability and skills on the decks.

 Through sheer hard work and determination over the past two years, A.K has gone leaps and bounds in all aspects of her DJing.
Continuing to learn and only accept perfection with her skills on the turntables has put A.K in a league of her own, gaining respect for her expertise on the decks from some of the Industry’s best.

In a time where DJing is more popular than ever, it takes someone special to be that cut above the rest.

A.K is one of the first female DJ’s to step up and show some of the finest in the industry that females can stand up with the best. Focusing on the art of turntablism, A.K takes her ability to rock a crowd to that next level. Cutting up some classy tracks means that while the patrons are entertained, the Music heads in the crowd can get their fix too.

Musical versatility is number one on A.K’s agenda. Mixing both the latest releases of today’s charts & being able to change up and take it back to the old school is a talent that very few can do well.

A.K has gained both National & International interest with her previous mixtape campaigns but achieved the respect she deserved from the industry with her latest ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ mixtape tour earlier in 2010.

The sky’s the limit and be sure to look out because there’s is plenty more to come from Australia’s own “Queen of the Decks”

When you have artistically in-tune skills to match your drop-dead gorgeous looks, you can be assured your brand is going to reach another level. But with A.K she is already there.....as her mixtape states "Best of both worlds!"


Model DJ La Trice - Miami

Miami is a city synonymous with beautiful women, funky music and breath-taking scenic attractions. However it also happens to host one of the cities most beautiful and exotic female djs -Model DJ La Trice.

Dj La Trice executes the sexy rhythms at all the cities hot spots, attracting a legion of fans wherever she plays. Whether its her unique blend of funky disco house beats or her model looks, La Trice always stands out wherever she goes.

This Miami based DJ and a producer is commanding the industry's attention as she is widely sought after locally and internationally making guest appearances and claiming residencies at upscale clubs, lounges, and hot spots.

She radiates energy that keeps the crowds moving and pulsates the "feel good" through her sound. She has performed for the masses on tours, festivals and throughout Europe. La Trice rocked the decks at several events during Winter Music Conference in Miami this past March including "PM 2 AM" at the Viceroy's Club 50 featuring Milk & Sugar, Denis the Menace, Tristan Garner, David Vendetta and many others. She was also featured with many top DJs such as Jerry Ropero, Tom Novy, Christian Falero, Roland Clark, and Tom Sawyer at Ocean's Ten in south beach.

Soul, Funk, Disco, Rock, Electro or house, La Trice is bound to rock it loud at any event she is headlining. With a facebook following exceeding 15 000 people alone, La Trice has infected the clubbing community with her sexy smooth Miami heat!

Facebook Fan Page:

YouTube channel:



Model Website:



Thursday, July 8, 2010

DJ Droolotte Tasha - Malaysia

Name: Droolotte Tasha
Location: Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
Style: Trance/Progressive
From Kuala Lumpur to Ibiza, Dj Droolotte Tasha has traveled the globe with her electronic sound, captivating audiences along the way.This young female dj has always lived a musically charmed life from her early beginnings as a classically trained pianist. If at the age of 14 you start conducting orchestras you best believe music is your passion. Loving the idea of "being in control of the music' Droolotte lost herself in the world of music.
So how did this young music mix-stress switch from classical to dance?
Her introduction to dance was through Prodigy cassettes, but she quickly found her true passion in the music of trance artists like Paul Van Dyk and Ferry Corsten.

Fast forward a few years and Droolotte soon found herself face-to-face with one of her biggest mentors - Paul van Dyk.
The ambitious Miss Tasha entered the DJ Awards Bedroom DJ competition. Thousands of DJs and fans logged onto www.djawards.com to watch the competition entries and vote for their favourite Bedroom DJ.
Never expecting to win Droolotte was completely shocked when she was pronounced as the winner. Soon enough, she was headed on a plane to Ibiza, to claim her prize.
And what a prize it was! Part of her prize package was the opportunity to experience a master class with Paul van Dyk himself at the legendary sunset bar - Mambo Cafe.

"I am literally a bedroom DJ - I love to get up and do a two-hour mix every morning before I go to work," she says with a laugh. Her winning set, mixed in one take, demonstrates her ease behind the decks and infectious delight in dance music. Now she is eagerly anticipating her trip to Ibiza and the opportunity to have a masterclass with her hero, Paul Van Dyk. "It is a dream come true. My friends keep asking 'how do you feel?' and I can't answer. I'm still speechless. I know I will be in IBIZA for a reason... to represent my hometown and to share beautiful tunes with the world" - Droolotte.
The bookings for top notch gigs came knocking on Droolotte's door after the win with her playing exclusive gigs all through Asia. Droolotte may have won the "bedroom dj title" but something tells me this bedroom dj has officially debuted on the worlds stage! The dance scene has a new legend on the way and her name is Droolotte Tasha!

Click these links to see Droolotte in action:

Hosting : TRIMIXonTV

TRIMIXonTV #006 - From How It Began Till Fired Up Fridays
TRIMIXonTV #005 - MORE ANTHEMS in Penang Island



Name: TeeMaree
Location: USA
Website: www.teemaree.com

Looking at pics of Teemaree you could easily assume that this striking beauty is a model on location for a music themed photo-shoot. However, this American beauty is actually an accomplished dj who spins everything from Hip Hop and pop to Electro and dance-hall.

Her funky sexy style emulates the type of music she spins which results in the audience lapping up her sets beat after beat. This success has lead Teemaree to play many high profile celeb studded parties.

This funky lass has explored all of the dj equipment avenues starting with vinyl back in 2000, to CD's, to Serato, and has now added video mixing in the ever changing technological age.

Whether its Hollywood calling, which saw Teemaree spin for some of the trendiest celeb induced parties, or playing for the high powered execs in the corporate gigs, her diverse style of music has ensured her longevity in this fickle scene.

Complimenting her dj skills, Teemaree is also in demand as an actress, model, host and singer. Leave out triple threat, this dj rocks every genre professionally and masterfully, as if she did this all her life! If Teemaree's future were compared to a song you best believe she is gonna be dishing out a chart topper but then again you wouldn't expect any less from Miss Teemare.The world is gonna be singing to Teemaree's tune and you can be assured that its gonna rock your world...beat by beat!






Sunday, July 4, 2010



Hi there and welcome to the very first post on the female dj list blog. My name is Dj Roxxi and Im proudly from South Africa. I remember back in the beginning when I first "googled" female djs. I struggled to find one place where I could connect with female dj's individually Sure there are sites that list female djs and offer advice but other than that there was no variety.

A few years on in my career after connecting with countless female djs and affiliates worldwide I decided to create an informal platform for us to all share our stories.

Not all female djs have the time or energy to maintain their own blogs so I have decided to reach out to my friends and get the info first hand. The life of a female dj, their careers, their fans, their fashion sense and everything in-between will be promoted here on the female dj list!

What is the female dj list?

Name any country and your bound to discover a fabulous female dj working her magic on the decks for sure. Although there may be other sites targeted at listing female djs worldwide we hope to add variety to the mix.

What can i expect?

As a female dj expect to connect with other female djs worldwide as we provide you with up-to-date links to female djs and their lifestyles weekly.

As an interested viewer you gain first insight into a whole new world of female djs and their experiences. From the clubs they play at to the events they host and everything else in-between, we will cover it right here!

So its just about music?

No we aim to explore and provide you with other aspects to female djs besides just music. From fashion influences when playing out to branding and advertising, the female dj list aims to provide an all round portal into the female dj world.

Can I contribute?

Most certainly! We hope to include articles, info and links from people all over the world. So if you are a female dj, producer, event organizer or affiliate please do drop us a mail to get connected! Also if you are a fan/fanclub of your favorite female dj send us your info and we will promote your female dj star!

Having said my introductions....lets get started!