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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dj A.K - Australia

Australia has produced some fine musical talent over the years, legends over time, if you will. But with each generation comes an artist whose skills, drive and ambition coupled make for one massive mark on the industry. This season not only can Australia boast a femme fatal on the decks but this young dynamic dj is tackling the industry with a force so strong it will blow you away.

Background on Dj A.K:

"There is two kinds of music, the good and bad. I play the good kind.” These words as spoken by Louis Armstrong couldn’t apply more to DJ A.K when speaking of her ability and skills on the decks.

 Through sheer hard work and determination over the past two years, A.K has gone leaps and bounds in all aspects of her DJing.
Continuing to learn and only accept perfection with her skills on the turntables has put A.K in a league of her own, gaining respect for her expertise on the decks from some of the Industry’s best.

In a time where DJing is more popular than ever, it takes someone special to be that cut above the rest.

A.K is one of the first female DJ’s to step up and show some of the finest in the industry that females can stand up with the best. Focusing on the art of turntablism, A.K takes her ability to rock a crowd to that next level. Cutting up some classy tracks means that while the patrons are entertained, the Music heads in the crowd can get their fix too.

Musical versatility is number one on A.K’s agenda. Mixing both the latest releases of today’s charts & being able to change up and take it back to the old school is a talent that very few can do well.

A.K has gained both National & International interest with her previous mixtape campaigns but achieved the respect she deserved from the industry with her latest ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ mixtape tour earlier in 2010.

The sky’s the limit and be sure to look out because there’s is plenty more to come from Australia’s own “Queen of the Decks”

When you have artistically in-tune skills to match your drop-dead gorgeous looks, you can be assured your brand is going to reach another level. But with A.K she is already there.....as her mixtape states "Best of both worlds!"


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