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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Name: TeeMaree
Location: USA
Website: www.teemaree.com

Looking at pics of Teemaree you could easily assume that this striking beauty is a model on location for a music themed photo-shoot. However, this American beauty is actually an accomplished dj who spins everything from Hip Hop and pop to Electro and dance-hall.

Her funky sexy style emulates the type of music she spins which results in the audience lapping up her sets beat after beat. This success has lead Teemaree to play many high profile celeb studded parties.

This funky lass has explored all of the dj equipment avenues starting with vinyl back in 2000, to CD's, to Serato, and has now added video mixing in the ever changing technological age.

Whether its Hollywood calling, which saw Teemaree spin for some of the trendiest celeb induced parties, or playing for the high powered execs in the corporate gigs, her diverse style of music has ensured her longevity in this fickle scene.

Complimenting her dj skills, Teemaree is also in demand as an actress, model, host and singer. Leave out triple threat, this dj rocks every genre professionally and masterfully, as if she did this all her life! If Teemaree's future were compared to a song you best believe she is gonna be dishing out a chart topper but then again you wouldn't expect any less from Miss Teemare.The world is gonna be singing to Teemaree's tune and you can be assured that its gonna rock your world...beat by beat!






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  1. Hello My name is Cheri and I am the Vice President of the first all female Dj Squad and Magazine and I would consider it an honor to have you as a member and featured in a issue of Spin*sters. If this is something that you would be interested in please do not hesitate to contact us and yes we are International.

    Hope to speak with you soon.