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Thursday, August 12, 2010

DJ Melody Kane - UK

Speak to most successful musicians about their early beginnings and you will undoubtedly find out that their love for music probably started before they could even speak! Melody Kane is no exception. This feisty talented mixstress has dominated the music scene in the UK fulfilling her passion of music with every beat.

One touch on the turn tables and Melody was hooked knowing that this was her future and her life! With the support and dedication of her friends who noticed her remarkable talent, Melody has the encouragement to pursue the industry unleashing her sounds throughout the country.
After a couple of years playing early warm ups & late cool downs, she landed herself a residency in one of her home town's (Brighton) longest running club night. Her enthusiasm for spinning is only matched by her mixing skills & track selection, and within weeks of her debut she was being booked for events throughout the city.
As luck would have its way Melody was soon able to expand her music knowledge to the airwaves with her affiliation to Radio Reverb.
Melody landed her first radio slot in Brighton, where she co-hosted a weekly Thursday night show on Radio Reverb 97.2FM. Due to the show's rise in popularity it was moved to prime-time Saturday night, where it stayed for 2 years. Melody can now be heard throughout London on Deja Vu 92.4FM (www.vulive.co.uk) & on Brighton's Upfront Dance 99.1FM (www.upfrontdance.net)
As well as regular performances throughout London & the South, 2008 saw the launch of Melody’s international career, with guest appearances in Europe, U.S.A (where she was inaugurated into one of the worlds largest international DJ crews ‘The BumSquad DJZ ‘, becoming their first UK female DJ) & Asia

So what sets Melody apart from the rest? Firstly her music- expect a melodic blend of beats from hip-hop and Rnb to dance-hall rhythms. Secondly she spins on vinyl which is proof enough of her excellent mixing abilities. To add that zesty touch Melody uses the mic to hype the crowd. 2010 promises to be a big year for Melody so make sure you are in the know!

Check out DJ Melody Kane live on air every Monday 3-6pm on Upfront Dance, Brighton 99.1FM (www.upfrontdance.net) & every Wednesday Afternoon 2-4pm on London's Dejavu 92.4FM (www.vulive.co.uk)

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