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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dj Erny - Bali

The tropical paradise of Bali may hold host to beautiful beaches and make for the perfect getaway for a island fantasy however this Isle of Gods (Bali) all host something special. Rightfully claiming the title of of the first few female djs on this paradise island, Erny has mystified and enthralled clubgoers with her eclectic mix of house, tribal, electro, funky and tech house.

Clocking up over 2300 nights Erny has captured Bali's club scene in Kuta for some time. Not contant with being locked into her comfort zone, Erny has spread her musical wings throughout Asia and North America. 2010 has been kind to this exotic beauty with requests to play from as far afield as Africa, Middle East and Europe are pouring in.

Music has always been a part of Erny’s life … from her early days break-dancing with school friends in Kupang to her days at university in Bali. Though educated in tourism, her free time continued to revolve around music. Upon completing school, Erny honed her technical skills in the young Bali club scene.

Erny’s unique skill-set has allowed her to keep guests at the club for hours-on-end through an energizing set of the best club music. The energy Erny radiates, plus her ability to read the guest’s mood and desires, combine to keep the dance floor bursting at the seams.

Erny has brought her talents to a wide spectrum of communities … from the emerging markets of Myanmar and Cambodia to the thriving night scene of Hong Kong, Bali, Bangkok and USA. She was the first DJ behind the decks at Maccaroni Club and ViAiPi in Bali, and the first female DJ at Pyramid Mega Club (Cambodia), S Nightclub (Michigan USA) and others.

It started as just a small dream to which has taken Erny all across the globe - her musical ambitions have set her sail on a course of excitement and adventure. World watch out - Dj Erny is here!

Website: www.djerny.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DJERNY

Twitter: www.twitter.com/DJ_ERNY

YouTube: www.youtube.com/ERNYDJ

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