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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dj Amely - Ukraine

House and R&B may be two genres worlds apart but DJ Amely is a master of both disciplines.
Dj Amely is one of the most bright female representatives of the HOUSE and R&B culture in Ukraine.The beautiful Djane with killer technical skills has racked up an impressive list of venues to her venue play-list!
In June 2009 Amely was recognized by Muzlife TV Awards when she was nominated in the category "best young R&B dj of Ukraine"

Now Dj Amely is one of the best rnb-pop-mesh up dj's in Ukraine securing and headlining some prestigious events.

When you hear this siren on the decks expect audio bliss as her sets include Pop-Electro/House and R&B hits.

With her impressive skills and bubbly personality its no wonder that Amely was secured the resident dj spot at some of the best night clubs such as: Sensation (DUBAI,OAE), Sapphire (Istanbul,Turkey) Arena Club (KIEV, UA), Patipa, RnB Café, KING project to name a few!

Amely currently has 3 mixtapes in R&B, Pop and House style.

HOUSE MIX CLUB SESSION 2011: http://snd.sc/gqezEH
RNB MIX DOUBLE SHAKE 2011 http://snd.sc/h1T9Eu
POP MIX DON’T STOP THIS PARTY 2010 http://snd.sc/gZcbE1

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AMELYDJ

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